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The New Plymouth Co-Housing Project

Fortius Group is proudly providing Project Management Consultancy and Property Development expertise to the New Plymouth Co-Housing Project.

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This is a group of diverse individuals and families who have been working on their cohousing project for three years. New Plymouth Cohousing is a not-for-profit group intending to purchase urban land in New Plymouth large enough to build approximately 30 homes.

Earthsong Inspired

This group formed after several members attended Robin Allison’s weekend cohousing workshop in mid-October in New Plymouth, and Earthsong’s influence is clearly evident in their planning.

Their aim is to recreate many of the advantages of the traditional village such as enjoying both private and public spaces. Home ownership will be private and and communal spaces.

In addition to promoting social connection, the neighbourhood is to be designed to the best practicable standards of environmental sustainability which will guide the layout and design of the buildings, choice of materials, landscaping and services.


Once land is purchased, the group will invite any who are interested in becoming members, with a view to purchasing a home in the community. A plan for the property as a whole and houses and community spaces within will be codesigned. All houses will be sold off the plans and 12 months after purchasing the land, we aim to have full membership so that construction can start immediately.


Shared facilities will include a workshop, bike shed, outdoor sitting and play areas, pathways, community garden and orchard. Cars will be confined to the edge of the site to create a pedestrian friendly neighbourhood designed for casual interaction and safe play for children.

On the wish list are water storage tanks, a natural swimming pool, teenager hangout space, office space, and a coffee machine in the Common House.


Pricing is planned to run from $190K for a tiny home with garden to $443K for a 4 Bedroom Home with garden. See the group website for more details.

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